Mini Pulverizer is to make powder of dfferent materials. Pulverization in this is done by continious impact of rotating hammers against grinding liners. Raw material feed in rotary feeder from inlet hoppers and spils into the grinding chamber. Strong hammering breaks lumps into small particles. At the same time, air stream blowing throw the pulverizer carries the ground material towards outlet. Whizzer classifier doesn’t allow oversize particles to pass and returned them into the grinding chamber. They are re-grind and reduced up-to acceptable size. Fan is working for convey particles passed from whizzer and send it to cyclone collector. Three-way connection cyclone & dust collector (fabric type) provides clear air to the mill and keeps entire operation free from dust too.

Mini Pulverizer is similar to impex pulverizer perforated liner is fitted in bottom half of grinding chamber. Hole diameter and pitch can be decide based on mesh size requirement. Whizzer isn’t require because materials is classfied by perforated liner.

  • Main Body: Main body (grinding chamber) made out of C.L. It includes replaceable grinding liner/plates of different requires shape for different material. Metal trap can be remove heavy foreign material.

    Feeder: Automatic feeder having with variable speed star feeder is provided for controlled feed.

    Rotor: Rotor is made from thick plate fitted on main shaft. Hammers are hinged on it, it prevents breakage of hammers. main shaft is supported by heavy duty bearings fitted in dust tight housings.

    Whizzer: Whizzer is conical shaped having adjustable whizzer blades for adjust desire finess in the range of 100-300 meshes.

    Blower: Blower is heavy duty long life botted blade to get replace quickly.

    Cyclone Collector: Made for execellent and effcient separation.


      Fineness: 100 – 300 mm
      Output Range: 50 – 60 Kg/Hr
      Speed: 2800-3500 RPM